Statement of Purpose

Mr Garry Callan is the proprietor and responsible individual of The Orchard Care Home Limited. Garry has in the past worked in the care service as a Support Worker, working with learning disabilities, including challenging behaviour and Autism. Garry has over the last few years attended courses on autism, epilepsy, mental Ill Health, abuse of vulnerable adults and behaviours that challenge to mention a few. He has passed his NVQ 3 and completed a RMA and LMC. Garry has some 25 years’ experience in business management and has over that time run a successful business.
hucknall care home

Garry will be responsible for all administration of the Care Home.

The Orchard Care Home Limited specialises in Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and are registered with the National autistic society (NAS) membership number 59443. We are accredited by Peninsula business services as an employer of excellence and are inspected by Peninsula on an annual basis all inspection reports are forwarded to The Care Quality Commission.

All of the staff team will undergo regular staff appraisals and training in subjects relevant to the Service User group, ensuring that staff are made aware of the latest initiatives in care provision for adults with learning disabilities and or mental ill health. Staffing levels are determined by Service Users needs, but at all times we will endeavour to ensure that there is sufficient care staff on duty during the day and with staff on duty at night. All staff are fully aware of the care needs and requirements of service users.

The Orchard Care Home can accommodate and care for six adults with learning disabilities and or mental ill health of medium to high dependency between the ages of 18 to 65 years. Service Users are only admitted to the home after a full and comprehensive assessment to ensure that the home is able to cater for the Service Users needs. There may be the odd occasions when Service Users are admitted as an emergency where we will ensure that a full assessment is completed within 48 hours of admission. All pre admission assessments are completed by the home manager and assisted by other suitable qualified individuals when applicable.

The Orchard Care Home Limited comprises of a bungalow with six single bedrooms. five rooms have en-suite facilities and one bedroom with a separate bathroom facility. All rooms meet the required standards as set out by the Care Quality Commission formally the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) in relation to size and décor. We do not envisage room changes once a Service Users has been given a room, However, if a room change is necessary then this is only arranged after consultation and agreement with the Service Users. Service Users are advised of the room they will occupy prior to admission and are encouraged to bring their own personal belongings to the home to personalise their room. However we ask that the home manager is consulted first in order to ensure that the home continues to adhere to fire and health & safety regulations. The Service Users should also consult their Terms and Conditions of residency given to them on their admission to the home. Staffing levels and duty rota’s are attached.

All Service Users are treated as individuals with individual needs and needing individual care. Our goal is to promote independence and to ensure that privacy and dignity is maintained. We try to promote a holistic approach to care where physical, social and psychological needs are given equal importance with appropriate care plans, (Personal Centred Planning). We aim to identify and address each Service Users needs and wishes regardless of race or cultural backgrounds. Service Users views and opinions will always be respected and acted upon. We aim to promote a safe and therapeutic environment where staff, understand the needs for a Service Users, to treat them as an individuals with respect. Due to the design and layout of the home we are unable to offer wheelchair access, the cost of redesigning the building would far out way any realistic placement costs. However we do provide a wheelchair for accessing the community should the need arise. Should the physical abilities or mobility of any individuals already placed at the home deteriorate beyond the care capability of the home, it may be necessary to find alternative accommodation.

Many social activities are organised at the home and we do try to accommodate each Service User’s interests and hobbies. If we are unable to facilitate a Service User’s hobbies and interests we will endeavour to accommodate their requirements from numerous locations outside the home, this will be explained prior to admission. Our social activities include visits to Colleges, local walks, visits to local places of interest, Hucknall town and city centre community facilities, music and movement, massage and relaxation and personal grooming. A range of activities to promote independent skills is offered on a daily basis.

Every service user is encouraged to play a part in the running of the home.
There are regular services user reviews which the services user and where appropriate, relatives and friends / advocates are encouraged to participate. The frequency of reviews is dependent upon the service users needs, but we do attempt to ensure that at least one is undertaken annually.

Through comprehensive care planning the needs of the services user are identified and this includes religious needs. Arrangements are made for services user’s to attend local religious meetings or, where service user is unable to attend, we can arrange for a local member of the clergy to visit the home. Additional services and therapies can be arranged upon request either within the home or externally in the local community.
However an extra charge may be required.

We offer a 24 hour visiting policy but do need to take into consideration the privacy, dignity and peace of the services user. If relatives do need to visit after 10pm we ask that they make prior arrangements with the home.

We ask that everyone makes themselves aware of the fire and emergency evacuation procedures which are displayed at the main entrance of the home. The Orchard Care Home is regularly checked by the local fire and health & safety departments in order to ensure the home is adhering to statutory legislation.

We do value the opinions of both services user’s and relatives. Regular relative meetings are held with appropriate questionnaires distributed. However, we also wish to make everyone aware of the complaints procedure displayed at the entrance to the home. The complaints procedure contains the address of the local office of the Care Quality Commission.