Client Rights

We expect certain right for ourselves in the community and there is no reason to assume that these do not apply in residential care. in our dealings with clients please remember that they have rights.
rights and support care home

1. The right to personal independence, personal choice, and personal responsibility for their own actions.

2. The right to take care of themselves as far as they are willing and able.

3. The right to have their personal dignity respected by others in every way possible and to be treated; whatever their disability as an individual in their own right.

4. The right to personal privacy for themselves, their belongings, and their affairs.

5. The right to take part in any decisions about daily living arrangements and to be consulted about any proposed changes.

6. The right to the same services and facilities as any other member of the community.

7. The right to be given every opportunity of mixing with other people in the community, by going out or inviting people in.

8. The right to have their cultural, religious, sexual, and emotional needs accepted and respected, as well as the whole range of commonly accepted needs.

9. The right to have their complaints heard and acted upon with the knowledge of the formal complaint procedure.

10. The right to form their own representative group to liaise with the staff and to give staff the benefit of their own options to help improve services.

11. The right to expect all staff to accept the degree of risk that is involved in these principles and not to have their own personal independence unreasonably restricted for fear of such risk.

Statement of values

Principles of service

The Orchard Care Home Ltd promises Service Users:
• To listen to you and treat you with respect.
• To help keep you safe, healthy, and fulfilled.
• To enable you to make choices and decisions about your life.
• To encourage and challenge you to achieve your ambitions.
• To enable you to take your place in the community.
• To speak up for you when you want us to.

The Orchard Care Home Ltd expects you, as Service Users:
• To take increasing charge of your life.
• To respect the privacy and dignity of other Service Users.

The Orchard Care Home Ltd promises staff:
• To listen to and value your views and comments.
• To communicate openly and honestly.
• To be fair and reasonable in decision making.
• To invest time and money in your development.

The Orchard Care Home Ltd expects you, as staff:
• To demonstrate your commitment to the Principles of Service.
• To monitor your service, be self-critical of your work and evaluate its effectiveness.
• To be responsive, participate and innovative.
• To support your colleagues and contribute to your team.

Principles of good practice
Good practice is determined by the quality of the partnership between Service Users and Staff.