Aims and objectives of the home team

The aims and objectives of our home are to offer a safe and homely atmosphere to all our Service Users. To allow the Service Users to live as full and normal a life as possible regardless of their disabilities and to provide encouragement to progress towards becoming more aware of their potential. To offer the Service Users a home so designated that it meets the purpose for which it is used with facilities and adaptations to meet specific needs and allow individuals to fully participate in the life of the home.

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Allow the Service Users, staff and visitors, unencumbered access to the home and garden. Ensure a well-maintained garden and surroundings interesting pleasing and tranquil and full of colourful plants, shrubs, and trees, which express the full nature of life.

• To create a homely environment geared to individual’s needs.
• To create a happy well motivated and purposeful community in which the pursuit of personal independence and maximised potential is the prime goal.
• To provide opportunities for academic, personal, and social development.

To encourage Service Users to become self-reliant, self-disciplined, and caring individuals who value themselves and others.
The home adopts a pre-maintenance policy to ensure that the building remains in a high standard of structural repair and is tastefully decorated internally to suit the needs and requirements of each individual Service User and assuring cleanness and hygiene.

As the requirements of the Service User are paramount, they will have the opportunity to enjoy a physical environment with freedom and choice to do as much as possible for themselves with or without assistance or help from staff.